Safe use of Ropes

Safe use of ropes

It is important to thoroughly understand techniques for the the safe use of ropes in the cockpit and on deck. Careless use and stowage of ropes can cause injury.

• Keep hands a safe distance from a working winch.
• Long hair and loose clothing must be kept away from working winches.
• If a rope gets out of control, your safety is more important than damage to the boat.
• Keep your hands safe at all times.
• Keep your work area tidy and free of slip and trip hazards

Safe use of winches

Correct use of winches
- Always check the rope is clockwise around the winch drum
- Never pull on a sheet without at least two turns around the drum
- When bringing in slack rope use a maximum of 2 turns to avoid riding turns
- Before powering up the winch increase to 4 or 5 turns
- Ensure rope is properly routed through self-tailer stripper and locked into jammer.
- Ease sheets under control with hand on drum
- When releasing for a tack keep hands down until ready, then lift and spin rope off winch safely

Coiling and stowing ropes

Coiling ropes ready for instant access
- All halyards to be coiled and stowed after use at the mast ready for instant use.
- Coil halyard falls loosely and hang on appropriate cleat by making a loop as shown.
- All Sheets to be coiled after use and hung on appropriate winch.
- No cockpit ropes are to be made off with Sailor's Gasket as this delays quick deployment.
- No ropes to be left on cockpit floor or near companionway.
- Cockpit to be kept tidy at all times.

Inspection of winches - The winches are serviced as part of the ongoing service schedule. Any sign of a winch rotating the wrong way must be investigated immediately.

A sticking pawl can cause dangerous, sudden reverse rotation!
- It is a 10 minute job to strip and check a winch. Disassemble as shown.
- Check for pawls to make sure they operate freely.
- Spare springs are in the top drawer of the chart table.
- Clean any grime, lubricate sparingly.
- Reassemble as shown.

Items still to be addressed

Avoiding injuries and damage caused by
Untidy ropes and chain
slipping/tripping on deck
Falling from height
Lifting/manoeuvering injury/damage
Close quarter manoeuvers
Accidental gybes

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Safe use of Ropes