Man Overboard (Engine)

Man Overboard under Engine

It is important to thoroughly undertsand techniques for recovering a man overboard (MoB)

Recovery under Engine - The technique shown here is indicative of our MoB method. The final pickup is a bit different, so please read the contents of this page carefully.

Objective: To return as soon as possible to the MoB, deploying MoB equipment efficiently. To stop close to windward of MoB and recover via swim-step ladder

The Pick-up should be made approaching into the wind. If it helps you remember the actions, memorise this list


Helm should immediately go through this list of actions

A - Alert Shout “Man Overboard”, blow emergency whistle on steering pedestal

S - Stop. Heave-to (usually quickest & safest) – do not leave MoB way astern

T - Throw. Throw the life-ring with drogue and light into water, take 5 seconds to organise before throwing. There are 4 life-rings, throw a plain ring first, if need be.

E - Engine. Start the engine, take time to do this properly. The engine can save MoB’s life

R - Return to MoB.

N – Notify. Notify emergency services. Remind crew to activate EPIRB etc

Crew should work through this action list as quickly as possible

S – Spot and point at MoB. Never lose sight of them or you may not see them again

P – Press MoB button on chart plotter under spray hood

E – EPIRB. Activate EPIRB by sliding safety cover over the red button

L – Launch Dan-buoy with life-ring, light and drogue as near as possible to the MoB

L – Life-rings. Prepare remaining life-rings for immediate deployment – keep life-ring with floating rope safe until it can be thrown directly to the MoB when alongside

The Pickup

S – Sheet-in mainsail, the main needs to be centred and sheeted in hard by hand.

H – Headsail away roll away headsail as the boat starts the final approach.

A – Approach into wind make a fast run-in but slow approach. Aim to keep MoB 5m to port.

R – Reverse engine. Do this hard when MoB is alongside the foredeck

P – Port wheel as you go astern. We turn to port since prop walk in reverse assists this turn.

S - Stop about 5 metres upwind of MoB. The lee will help the rescue and you’ll stay together.

E - Engage Neutral as soon as you have positioned the boat, to keep the MoB safe from prop.

T - Throw life-ring with floating line. If MoB can get into the life-ring,work them astern to the swim step ladder.

MoB will need help to board.

If MoB is incapacitated, a crew member in harness and tether may need to enter the water and assist with the rescue. But ensure you do not put that crew member at risk.

Once MoB is secure…
- Start 1st Aid
- Cancel the EPIRB and contact the emergency services by phone or radio to
- Cancel any further action by them

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